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Orecare Chines Herbal Toothpaste

  • Keeps the teeth natural
  • Gently eliminates tartar and Prevents teeth cavities
  • Reduce the abrasion on the teeth
  • Prevent halitosis and freshen breath
  • Improve the hardness and the anti-acid ability of teeth
  • Important Information

    Flavor: Spearmint The fine paste material & high-grade, silica, supplement provide thorough cleaning & protection function.

    It is a dental care product that is enriched with Sarcandra, Honeysuckle and Wild Chrysanthemum extracts.

    Use 2-3 times daily especially at morning and before going to bed.

Product Description

Orecare Chinese Herbal Toothpaste Recognizing the power of nature's gift, Orecare Chinese Herbal Toothpaste which has been manufactured using original Chinese herbs. It is a specially formulated dental cream that tightens and reduces swelling of gums, stops gum bleeding, prevents toothache, decay, cavity, surface and root infections through cleaning and protection functions. Efficacy of the Tiens Herbal Toothpaste 1. Orecare Chinese Herbal Toothpaste is made of rare Chinese herbs such as Nullipore,Honeysuckle flower,Wild chrysanthemum flower,Tea tree oil, etc. that have been shown to have great effect on oral health and hygiene. 2. Rare toothpaste that has been based on ancient, well documented herbal medical formulations and years of indigenous research. 3. A unique feature of this toothpaste is that the herbal parts are highly concentrated and readily soluble in saliva. 4. Full of the natural taste and freshness of herbs. 5. No need of using extra mouthwash. 6. Contains no chalk powder and no gelatin. 7. Gives tremendous protection against cavities and other dental and gum problems. Orecare Chinese Herbal Toothpaste with Tiens brush is beneficial for: Buccal inflammation Swelling and pain Gingival bleeding Halitosis and gingival sensitivity Enamel white clean teeth Dental caries Plaque buildup and tartar Net Weight: 135 gm

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